Paper Team Pressing Into Service

paperteamWith  the first ever Maker Faire for the Ozarks only weeks away, one team is ready to press into service.

Environmental paper artist Shirah Miriam Aumann, “Mimi”,  has brought together an intern team to perform/present 4′ X 8′ sheets of paper made from agri-waste fibres captured right here in the Ozarks!

According to Mimi’s Facebook page:

“This small select group will work together to learn and use the skills of making paper by hand in the ancient tradition – with a modern twist. We will be working with agri-waste and other tree-free fibres to produce both utilitarian and artistic papers. How would you like to be able to create a single sheet of paper, 4’ X 8’, out of a fibre you captured locally? In the learning process, you will also be sharing that knowledge and promoting the craft to the Springfield community.”





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