2016 Ozarks Mini Maker Faire-


Project Name                                                    First Name          Last Name


     The Ozarks Fire Breathing Toad            Caleb                    Kraft

SPONSORS with Booths:

Discovery Center-Kinetic Contraptions   Jackie                    Douglas

Renegade Chemicals                                      Mike                      Tyndall

Brewer Science                                                 Karen                    Brown

SRC Holding                                                        Krisi                        Shell

SHI Technology                                                 Destiny                 Maret

SpringNET                                                           DJ                           Schoolcraft

Bates Architect                                                Rich                        Conyers

Russell Cellular                                                 Jeven                    Russell

PositronicsHAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY         John                      Gentry

Performer Stage

10:30am-11:30am    Old Time Fiddle, Gospel & Bluegrass/                                                                Brett & Sophia Wright

11:45am- 12:45pm    Aisle 7/   Jacob Woollard

1:00pm-2:00pm      O’Neil/    Neal Baker

First Robotics Teams:

Camdenton R-III                                               Sherry Comer


Mathews Elementary Robotics Club        Carey Davis

John Thomas School of Discovery-Nixa Eagle Robotics             Chris Wilson


NWA3D Makerspace

Math to go – Anywhere                                                Roxie                     Castro

NILgrAvity Comics                                            Nicholas               Ladendorf

DRONE Builder— CLUB                                 Augustus             Domben

Studio 2060                                                         FXMike                 Strain

Pink Zebra Home                                             Karin                      Piper

DreamIT MakeIT Makerspace                    Heath                    Rust

Paper Crete Pots-Willard Science CLUB  Sarah                     McDowell

Queen City Beard and Moustache            Jeremy                 Medley


Henna Happiness                                             Emilee                  Hudson Shrestha

Springfield 3D Printed Solutions             Isaac                      Feemster

Fluff and Ruffles Quilt Services                  Laura                     Reynolds

Mad Science Make and Take                      Kathy                    Smyhte

Booth for Kids

Flame Painted Copper                                   Phillip                    Cook

BopBopKat                                                         Katlyn                   Fuller

Sylvan EDGE/Sylvan STEM                            Kristen                  Fischer

IDEA Factory of NWA                                     Jason                     Quail

Curly Hair Designs                                            Lydia                      Abbott

Automate Your Life                                         Bill                          Parrott

Springfield Environmental Services:         Laurie                   Duncan

Repurposed plastic bags!

Missouri State University                             Dr. Tamera          Jahnke

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Biomimicry & Additive Manufacturing    Chandi                  Campbell

Young Living Essential Oils                            Rena                      Elliott

Camdenton 4-H First Laser 3282                 Mitch & Sherry  Comer and the TEAM

Springfield School District:                            Christina              Wilkins

Pipkin Middle School- Speed Making–CLUB

OTC: Open Source Food Computer          George                 Gibeau

Infinity Academy                                              Matt                      Carra

Three Axis Animatronic Skull                       Ken                        Moss

Radio Controlled boat modeling.               Tony                      Crumrine

Sustainable by Nature                                   Drake                    Hughes

Build Your Own Longboards!                       Brian                      Zweerink

Food Preservation                                           Jenny                    Green

Shealynn’s Faerie Shoppe                            Shaylynn              Rackers

The Geek Foundation                                    Krista                     Peryer

Peddler’s Medley Spray Paint Art             Sean      Schwendinger

Southwest Missouri IEEE Section              Steven                  Lien

RockDolly                                                            Cameron             Eaton

Springfield Public Schools:                            Elicia                      Ligon

Phelps Gifted Center–CLUB

MO State University                                       Sam                       McGoon

IEEE Student Branch

Associated Machinist                                     Dennis                  Flattem

3D Printing and Aluminum Casting            Sage                      Kaneko

CNC Routing and Water Jet                         LARRY                   ASKREN

GO CAPS                                                              Barbie                   Kolb

Celesta Shadow Wolf Jewelry                    Brently                 Sparks

Distorted Utopia/Creatopia                         Minda                   Weigand

Lea Miller Designs                                            Lea                         Miller

Be Power Smart!                                              Becky                    McGoon

Nixa Public Schools:                                        Carey                    Davis

Mathews Elementary Robotics Club

Drury University                                               David                     Beach

Architecture Department

OTC FINE ARTS Department                        Kat                         Allie

NWS – Hydrology –                                          Megan                  Terry

Watershed Simulation

Hand Building & Wheel Thrown                                 Rebekah              Polly


Jason’s Printshop                                             Jason                     Nuttle

Limitless– AUTHOR                                         Kristi                      Davis

MO S&T                                                              Bob                        Phelan

D3 Technology                                                  Aaron                    Lancaster

The Air Force                                                     SSgt Lindsay       Basham

Springfield Public Schools:                            Marti                     Moore


Nixa Public Schools:                                        Dr. Kevin              Kopp

John Thomas School of Discovery

Republic Schools:                                             Dr. Matt               Pearce

Technology in the Classroom

MO Institute of Natural Science                                Matt                      Forir

417 DIY Makerspace                                       Steve                    Parsick

The Ozarks SySTEAMic Coalition                Deb                        Wilson


Tandy Leather                                                   Tim

Barnes & Noble                                                                Jim                         Troye

Techstone                                                           Daniel                   Douglas

Medley Method                                               Joshula                 Hethcoat


Presenter Talks:

10:30am- 11:15am           Zika in Missouri                                                 Dr. David              Claborn

12:15pm-1:00pm              Cutting Edge in Architecture                       Rich                        Conyers

1:30pm- 2:15pm               A Focus on the Entry Level Engineer        Steven                  Lien

2:30pm-3:15pm                ShelteR³: Respond, Recover, Resist         Traci                       Sooter

3:30pm-4:15pm               Making on Dad Time                                       Christopher        Landorf     (cancelled– emergency surgery– keep him in your thoughts)



MAKER Talks:

1pm-2pm                            The Parke Systeam                                         Nelson                  Parke


Calling ALL MAKERS:  NOW through August 1st.

Makers We are all     We want to encourage BIG ideas so we are opening our “Call For Makers” early to allow time for creative thought and cleaver execution.  Won’t you come and join in the fun?

The official start to our “CALL FOR MAKERS” is April 27, 2016 with the last date to apply August 1, 2016.  The button on the site IS live, but we wanted you to have time to look over the application process and the questions we are asking so when the “ALL CALL” goes out YOU’LL be ready.

The Ozarks Mini Maker Faire is a showcase of creativity and innovation throughout the entire Ozarks region with the vision to be an eclectic celebration of MAKING.  We expect individual and groups sharing, learning from each other, and pondering the infinite possibilities.  Participating will be preK-12th grades (public & private),  higher education, afterschool & informal groups (showcasing project based lessons) along with small and large business, industry, and manufacturing (what are they doing that’s cutting edge).  We’ve broken the groups into three proportionate categories: Fine Arts Makers, Industrial Makers, and Commercial Sponsors.  Showcasing the mindset of how we set the stage for making with our preschoolers through post graduate allowing us to have a strong highly skilled workforce to staff our business, industry, and manufacturing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math) entities.


Maker: Individuals, groups, schools and organizations that would like to demonstrate what they make and/or how it works- interactive exhibits are encouraged. Young Makers (ages 18 and below) will need an adult parent/guardian present. There is a section on the form for their information. Parents/guardians must be listed as a Booth Assistant.

A traditional Maker is a hobby-ist, their projects are not a full-time job, a business or a main source of income. If your project is a full-time job, a business, or your main source of income, you will need to be considered as a start-up or established business.

Commercial Maker: Individuals who would like to sell or market products along with demonstrating what they make at their maker exhibit. COST: $100

Crafters: Both Commercial Makers and Craft vendors are a part of Maker Faire. The difference between the two is that Crafters are only selling their wares WITHOUT a hands-on demonstration of their project. Selling is a side-addition to Commercial Makers’ DIY demonstration; selling is not the focus of their exhibit.

Commercial Food Maker: Individuals pay a fee to show and demonstrate hand-made food products, in an interactive environment, with the opportunity to sell products. Samples 2 oz. or less can be given away with Springfield Business permit. Prepared packaged foods (defined as food that is not consumed on-site and is prepared prior to consumption), can be sold with SGF permit.

Non-Profit and Cause or Mission Based Association, Institution and Organization: In an effort to respond to requests from a variety of organizations that would like to participate in Maker Faire, we have created a special category where organizations can qualify for the reduced rate to participate in Maker Faire.

The cost for Makers will be $100 (extra for equipment/electricity)- IF you are selling at YOUR booth.  We will have LIMITED (40) “NO COST” booths for nonprofits and those projects that explore DIY (Do-It-Yourself) thinking, revealing their process or show how materials are pushed to their limits.

Commercial Business booths vary in price from $250-$10,000 depending of level of support.  Please contact for specifics.


e.g.   Student projects        Robotics      •Homegrown Drones        •Arduino projects     •Raspberry Pi    •Space projects        •Kit makers   •Food makers (not concessionaires)    •Conductive materials projects    •Interactive art projects  •3D Printers and CNC Mills     •Textile Arts and Crafts   •E-Textiles   •Home Energy Monitoring     •Rockets and RC Toys      •Sustainability & Green Tech •Radios, Vintage Computers and Game Systems     •Electronics     •Electric Vehicles   •Science, Biology/Biotech, and Chemistry projects    •Puppets, Kites, and Other Whimsical Creations    •Bicycles    •Large-scale Art   •Shelter (Tents, Domes, etc.)     •Music Performances and Participation    •Unusual Tools or Machines   •How to Fix Things or Take them Apart (Vacuums, Clocks, Washing Machines, etc.)

We are all MAKERS

 The 2015 Ozarks Mini Maker Faire Audacious Line-up:

The Artist Studio Jennifer Wolken
3D Print an RC Car Brian Zweerink
Nixa Public Schools Kevin Kopp
Drury University – Hammons School of Architecture David Beach
Facet Design Taylor Baker
Modern Craftsman Home
SpringNET-Soldering Station DJ Schoolcraft
SpringNET-Soldering Station Todd Christell
Spray Paint Art Sean Schwendinger
Shealynn’s Faerie Shoppe — Handmade Jewelry Shaylynn Rackers
The Controller Project Abram Kraft
Junk Bots Lisha Kraft
The Inspiration Tree Cameron Thomas
JMARK Chris Tuckness
Crafty Carla’s Boutique Carla Cones
Biotic 3D Printing Chandi Campbell
Soap Millers Maria Nieves
Resin casting basics Larry Krauck
Missouri Film Alliance Nathan Maulorico
Missouri Film Alliance Jack Robinette
Studio 2060 FXMike Strain
DreamIT MakeIT Heath Rust
Young Maker Ryan Miller
3D Casting Sage Kaneko
The Summit Amy Maas
Year of creative habits Crystal Moody
Duct Tape Rose Pens Macy Kopp
Luke’s Printshop Luke Nuttle
Daily Eraser Carving Cara Dailey
Waiting by the phone Arabella Woods
AITP Jason Klein
United States Air Force-Robotics Jacob Watson
Sustainability in Springfield Tana Pulles
The Fun of Mathematics Trish Goddard
Associated Electric Cooperative Lisa Anne Wright
Associated Machinists Inc. Dennis Flattem
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Dennis Flattem
O’Reilly Auto Parts Autumn Rodden
O-STEAM Deb Wilson
Autrotrophy Bill Plemmons
Missouri Institute Of Natural History Matt Forir
Forir Geo Matt Forir
Salvaged Metal Jewelry Lisa Anne Doane
Missouri State University – Electronic Arts Mark Biggs
Queen City Beards & Mustaches Jeremy Medley
3D Printers Joshua Hethcoat
Flame Painting Phillip Cook
OTC Physical Science Department Jennifer Snyer
Discovery Center Laurie Duncan
Take3.NWA Maker Space Jason Quail
Brewer Science Karen Brown
Brewer Science M Wallace
Renegade Chemicals Mike Tyndall
MACfxStudio – Custom Props Matt Carra
SRC Holdings Krisi Schell
Positronics John Gentry
Southwest Missouri IEEE Section Steven Lien
MSU IEEE Student Branch Sam McGoon
Springfield Public Schools Marty Moore
Flash Tech Dan Tenney
Missouri Geological Survey Hylan Beydler
Republic Public Schools Dr. Matt Pearce
OTC Fine Arts Kat Allie
R2D2 — Research, Robotics, Design, Discovery Meredith Burstin
SHI Destiny Maret
OTC Life Science Dept Joyce Hill
417DIY Steve Parsick
Ebusiness Website Jace Bayless
Clark Industry Jack Clark
Professor Powers Science Symposium Kara Remington Powers
Essential Oils Norma Elliott
Fitzpatrick Forge and Studio Lillian Fitzpatrick
Cricket Wireless Thomas Brentlinger
Welding with oxygen and acetylene Moly-Elsabeth Owens
Pipkin Middle School Maker Club Christina Wilkins
Missouri Association of Manufacturing Kim Inman
Making Leather Freda Womack
Talking 3 Axis Skull Ken Moss
Sphero Robot Obstacle Course with 3D Print ramp Isaac Feemster
Mitchell Chiropractic Dr. Amber Mitchell
“A.C.’s. Steampunk Emporium” Andy Corporon
IPA Educational Supply Amy Greene
Rock Dolly Cameron Eaton
Keenan Scott Art Studio Keenan Scott
Advanced Fabrication Larry Askren
RC Aircraft Larry Askren
At Home Prototyping Keith Rogers
At Home Prototyping Nate Rogers
Springfield Tool Library Amanda Stadler
SRAC Stephanie Cramer
Garland Owens – User-friendly Juggling Garland Owens
Springfield-Greene County Library District Nancee Dahms-Stinson
US Cellular Michael Howerton
Ozarks Flame Toad Caleb Kraft
DreamIT MakeIT BBQ Truck Chad Sitton
Roxie’s SnowCaps Claire Reynolds
Arduino 101 Scott Bratcher
First Robotics Sherry Comer
Aquaponic “Sustainadome” Greenhouse Thomas Lambert
Golf Performance Sean Saunders
Benissimo Sean Garton
Big AWESOME Paper Project Shirah Miriam Aumann

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