Vendors & Commercial Makers

Commercial Makers are responsible for their own business transactions – whether it be via cash, credit card, barter, or some other means.

The fee for Commercial Makers (under 5 employees- $100)                                      (5 or more employees)  is $250, which will be invoiced in advance and payable prior to receiving your Maker credentials.      

Booth costs Include:                                                                                                     8’x10’ Draped Booth                                                                                               Exhibitor Identification Sign                                                                                              6’ Pleated Draped Table & Two Chairs                                                                           (2) Personal Identification MAKER Tags Per Booth                                              Security Provided Before, During, & After Show                                                  Material Handling Equipment*                                                                                    One Waste Basket                                                                                                       NEED A LARGER PRESENCE AT THE OzMMF?                                           8’x20’- $400  & 8’x30’- $550

NOTE: FOOD VENDORS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS CATEGORY. Food vendors please contact   or for more info

8 responses to “VENDORS

  1. I would like a booth for my business, Pink Zebra. We have a product line of soy wax Sprinkles that can be used to make candles, fragrance sachets, wedding decor, household uses and craft projects! The booth would be for me and one other person.


  2. Yes, Karin is a Maker with us and has received the email to inform her.
    THANKS Karin!!
    Thanks Kayla — for checking 🙂


  3. I would like some info on getting a booth for cricket wireless authorized DEALER


  4. Ailina Christensen

    My family and I recently attended the mini makers faire this year and my children had so much fun they are anxiously awaiting the next one. Now my youngest son did the experiment where there made the organic homemade soap and we are trying to remember the recipe. My oldest son used it for his body odor and not only did it get rid of it but it has saved me some money on expensive washes that don’t work. i would really like to get ahold of how to make that soap


    • Greetings Ailina,
      I’m so happy you had a GREAT time and look forward to future amazing Maker Faires!
      I think it was probably from Renegade Chemicals, one of our amazing sponsors. I’ll give Mike a call and ask him to share it with me then I’ll email it to you.
      Deb Wilson


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