The Ozarks Maker Faire is the most STEAMifyingly Event!

Check out the Maker Page to see who’s Showcasing THEIR AMAZING skills & talents.  Oh, Baby Be Still My Heart!!


Cars? We’ve Got Cars…

Some requested cars for this year- so we have some “old” tech and “new” tech ones and some that you just can’t find anywhere else!  AND when your Maker Faire is on the Route 66 Mother Road, it just makes sense!  WHO KNEW–paying better attention in your science, math, and technology classes could come in real handy when you’re redesigning, tweaking, or creating a WORK OF ART in car talk!


YOU Asked We Listened!

The “Call for Makers/Speakers” is NOW CLOSED, but we will continue to check applications and will allow Makers in until full. So APPLY TODAY!  You know you want to showcase YOUR amazing talents, so here’s your chance.  Not sure how you fit- just contact us and we’ll work through the process with you.  Each Maker is unique, special, and just a little hard to put in a circle hole– so WE understand!

Build IT and THEY will come! Makers that is!

Looking over the list of Makers who have applied so far–we’re just in awe of the Makers who are willing to go out and share their amazing talents and THANK YOU for your gift of time and talent.

If you have an idea and want to share it with a Teachers heart–APPLY, there’s still time!  If we have a question about what you want to do, we’ll call to verify and talk it through with you.



Who’s READY for 2016…

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The Ozark’s First Maker Faire!

Maker Faire Flyer - Speakers smallIt will be here before you know it!

After months of planning, the Ozark’s first Maker Faire (technically an mini-faire) is taking place this Saturday!


The Buzz About 3D

8-20-2015 7-24-54 AM

Chandi Campbell uses 3D printing in an amazing way.

Chandi explores the methods that nature employs for building useful structures.


Here’s her FB page:

Chandi went to school at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago and is a CAD Drafter and Freelance Author at MAKE Magazine.

Maker Faire, Makey Robot

Makey Robot
When makers come together for the first ever Ozarks “Maker Faire“, making things is obviously high on the list.

That’s why DJ Schoolmaster and Todd Christell with SpringNet will be teaching a Soldering 101 class where participant get the opportunity to solder their own Makey Robot with eyes that light up. soldering Makey Robot

Paper Team Pressing Into Service

paperteamWith  the first ever Maker Faire for the Ozarks only weeks away, one team is ready to press into service.

Environmental paper artist Shirah Miriam Aumann, “Mimi”,  has brought together an intern team to perform/present 4′ X 8′ sheets of paper made from agri-waste fibres captured right here in the Ozarks!

According to Mimi’s Facebook page:

“This small select group will work together to learn and use the skills of making paper by hand in the ancient tradition – with a modern twist. We will be working with agri-waste and other tree-free fibres to produce both utilitarian and artistic papers. How would you like to be able to create a single sheet of paper, 4’ X 8’, out of a fibre you captured locally? In the learning process, you will also be sharing that knowledge and promoting the craft to the Springfield community.”





Ozarks Flame Toad

What could be cooler (or hotter) than a four foot tall toad that shoots flames through its nose?
Caleb Kraft  built this toad sculpture along with partner Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Yes you’re seeing correctly, it’s made of  bicycle tires, a pogo stick and an old red wagon’s axle and wheels.
Flames shoot out of its nose (roughly 2 foot plumes of fire).
This is the elusive fire toad of the greater Ozarks area, native only to the hidden caves of southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. Or wherever you decide to “make” one!
IMG_2040 prototype ryan